Tails and Trails 5K

A few weeks ago on November 6th, I ran my first real 5k race with my favorite running partner, my mom. The race, Tails and Trails, is annual; all proceeds benefit the Main Line Animal Rescue animal shelter. My mom and I are both dog lovers, so the race was an obvious match.

The course was cross country style, which I also love. It took place on the acres of MLAR’s own property right here in beautiful Chester County.

Unfortunately, being so in touch with nature turned out to pose a danger for my mom. She turned back to get a glimpse of my whereabouts (don’t ask why she was ahead…) and when she whipped her face forward, a pricker bush caught on to her nose! It was awful; she was bleeding the seemingly long remainder of the race. Clearly, she’s a warrior, because she only stopped once for a brief moment to catch some dew on her hand to wash the new wound.

Other than that, the race was huge success! Some of the dogs were even there to cheer on the runners! My mom let me sprint ahead of her in the end, but she nearly barreled in right behind me. I placed 5th in my age group- which was huge because my age group included girls as young as 14 and women as old as 29! We were 49 and 50 overall, from a crowd of about 90. Not too shabby.

Also, after we cooled down a bit, a spectator came up to us and gave me the greatest compliment. He said I was the only runner who was smiling! This made me feel so wonderful and really reinforced my love for running. I also just love that this is an activity I can do with my mom. Not many people get that chance; I love running with her anytime I can.

In fact, I’m currently trying my best to convince her to add a third, four-legged partner to the mix — a retriever or shepherd breed! 😉

Who is your favorite running parter?



~ by S Robinson on December 5, 2011.

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